What possible reason would you have for paying a membership fee for the privilege of placing your own money into an investment. Well, as with anything, there are always costs, risks and potentially, rewards. The real key is to figure out which is the least expensive, most productive course of action.

In every investment that an investor makes there will be inherent expenses that are paid to the administrator of the investment. Institutions like Banks and Financial Planning companies, charge fees ranging from 3/4% to 2.5% annually of funds under administration. They also charge fees to initiate the account, to close the account, to do an annual review, to do work on the account by the hour or for “services rendered”, they charge you coming and going! Solara charges a single fee and that is simply a membership fee which if you had as little as $25,000 invested with Solara, would represent an annual fee of 0.4%. And remember, that fee doesn’t grow larger as higher amounts are invested.

All properly administered companies should provide up to date information on an investment to those who have invested in it. Solara provides that, literally at your finger tips. Your profile will provide you access to all of your investments, showing each company’s performance and the Fractal Income that you have received or are due. Your Solara profile tracks your status as an Eligible or Accredited investor and keeps a tally of your total investments for the previous 12 months, to assist you in not inadvertently exceeding the $100,000 per running 12 months limit on OM investments by non-Accredited investors.