Enlightened Investment
Earn Fractal Income, Tax Sheltered, No Investment Fees, No Commissions

Enlightened Investment

Solara believes that Enlightened Investment is placing your money into carefully selected opportunities, providing Royalty based yields that do not require you to divest of your investment in order to reap the rewards.

No Investment Fees

Solara charges its members a membership fee to participate in Solara Investments. Solara charges no administrative fees of any nature to its members on any of their investments, ever!

*third party fees may apply.

No Commissions

Solara charges no commissions to its members on their investments, ever! Unlike institutional investment companies, Solara provides opportunities for our members to invest using their Self-Directed tax-sheltered accounts. Solara has no salespeople on commission. Solara neither charges our members commissions, nor do we pay them to anyone.

Earn Fractal Income

Solara members are paid a Fractal Income on their Solara investments. Fractal Income is derived from a defined portion of the gross revenue of the company that the member has invested in. In similar fashion to a Royalty, Fractal Income is paid to members first, before anything else gets paid.

Tax Sheltered Income

The concept of Fractal Income, where a member gets paid first is a great incentive all by itself for investors to participate in Solara projects. But Solara believes that by maximizing that benefit through the use of flow through income, utilizing a Limited Partnership structure and a Private Mutual Fund Trust, where the income flows into a tax sheltered account, provides the highest and best use of currently available investment tax tools.

The structure is designed to be compatible with tax shelters in both Canada, for the TFSA and RRSP and the United States for the ROTH and Traditional IRA. Any Fractal Income derived from a member’s investment that was paid into their tax sheltered account, delivers all the benefits that that account provides when removed from the account. i.e. Tax free from a TFSA in Canada, or ROTH IRA in the US and tax deferred until removal from an RRSP in Canada or a Traditional IRA in the US.


Fractal Income. Get Paid First

Fractal Income is a specific portion of the gross revenue of a company in which a member invests. A member’s Fractal Income is based upon their proportionate share of a defined % of the gross revenue of the company in which the Member has invested. Fractal Income from a Solara investment is subject to no fees, levies or administrative expenses by Solara.

Fractal Income is paid first, to those unit holders entitled, from gross revenue, ahead of all other expenses

  • Fractal Income is held separately from and is not commingled with operational funds
  • Fractal Income (as a Royalty) has a history of viability in numerous industries
  • Fractal Income cannot be diluted by the sales of additional shares
  • When revenue goes up, so does the Fractal Income payment, if revenue goes down, so does Fractal Income but the investor still get paid their apportioned percentage, ahead of all other expenses
  • Recoup investment by redeeming Security Unit back to the Company invested in

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Earn Fractal Income, Tax Sheltered, No Investment Fees, No Commissions