About Us

About Us

Solara Club is an Online Community providing investment opportunities to Investors using Self Directed, Tax Sheltered Investments. Solara has been designed to provide Solara Members the capacity to review the business models and technologies of innovative investments and to invest only in those that they find appealing. Solara members are never “required” to invest.

Solara's management and Advisory Board have the skills and experience essential to the long term profitability of the Company. They provide the business acumen, guidance and innovation, to build Solara into a highly effective, multidimensional acquisition and operations company. Solara management has private and public corporate experience in marketing, Internet marketing, international acquisitions, funding, management, accounting, reporting to Securities Regulators, and when prudent, spinning off subsidiaries to enhance cash flow and profits.

Solara utilizes a unique business model in which it employs an untapped resource as its main investment reservoir - the non-Accredited Investor. Obviously, Solara still welcomes Accredited Investors, but Solara believes that if you gather enough smaller investors, create a unique investment environment for them to invest in, produce for them good returns on their investments and treat them right, you can do very well for everyone – the investors, the tech companies and Solara. Solara has targeted investments from non-Accredited investors who want substantially better returns than the 3/4% to 3% annual returns that they currently receive on most of their tax sheltered savings.

Solara not only provides the opportunity for potentially enhanced annual returns, Solara also pays its Investors first. Before anything else gets paid, we pay those who have been prepared to place their money at risk with Solara. We use Fractal Income to do that.

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